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Let us Pray

A large number of the letters that come to Silent Unity include requests for prayers for others. Often the one requesting prayers says:  “Help me to pray for my dear one. Tell me how to pray for him, how to help him.” We in  Silent  Unity  feel that  the following  meditations  will  be   helpful   to you  if  you  are  praying for someone else. They  will  help you to  lift  up your thoughts  about  the  one   for  whom you pray;  they will help you   to  realize the Truth about him.

When you   pray for another you  give him the greatest gift you have to give; and the wonderful thing about praying for someone else is that you cannot pray for another without feeling the blessing and   the good   effect of your prayers for   him  in  your own  heart, mind, and life.

I pray for your healing.

You are created in the image and likeness of God.  His life and health flow through every part of   your being. His vital energy is in every cell. His order blesses every function of your body. His breath is the breath of your life.

Whenever I think about you,   I see you as whole and   perfect. I give thanks that appearances are   not the Truth in God’s sight. I give thanks that all things are possible with God. I give thanks that you are a spiritual being, that your life is “hid with Christ in God,” that in Him you live and love and have your being.

As I pray for  you in  faith  and  in Truth,  I  feel a  great surge  of   healing life through my  own  being. I know that this life in which we live is omnipresent. I know that you are healed. Praise God!

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