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Rev. John At Unity Valley Stream Zoom Service this Sunday

Hi Friends On Sunday I will be the guest speaker at Unity Church of Christianity in Valley Stream’s Sunday Zoom service. I have included the Zoom information below. The topic of my talk is “Living in the Fullness of Grace” May is the month of Mary and the prayer dedicated to her begins “Hail Mary full … Continued

Wednesday Discussion Group: The Affirmative Word

Hi Friends Tomorrow we will discuss Charles Fillmore’s essay   The Affirmative Word from the book Keep a True Lent. The spiritual practice of Denial & Affirmation is a core Unity practice which has been misunderstood many times over the years. Charles writes: CHRISTIAN metaphysicians have discovered that man can greatly accelerate the formation of the Christ Mind … Continued

Who Are You?

On Wednesday we will discuss Chapter 8 Man of the book Keep a True Lent.THERE IS A divine goodness at the root of all existence.In this Chapter we learn thatGOD IS PRINCIPLE; Christ is the idea of principle as it is brought into creation, and humanity is that creation on its way to the perfect … Continued

The Body & Your Journey through Lent

For any practice, an aspirant needs a strong, healthy body. The body is a great instrument and it should be taken care of properly Body is a projection of the mind. Any unrest in the body and nervous system is because of the mind. All of the body is in the mind, but the whole … Continued

Vitality & Wellbeing are Yours

HI Friends;I trust you are doing well. Yesterday’s Daily Word reminded me of Myrtle’s telling of her discovery of spiritual truth and her personal healing. I’m including it below and invite you to review it and consider how you can use it in your meditation & prayer practice. I trust you are making good use … Continued

A Christmas Prayer

May there always be room in your heart for divinity to find a birthing place. May you be holy as the angels were, Faithful as the shepherds were, Humble as the cattle were, Wise as the Wise Men were. May you have the compassion Mary had The understanding Joseph had, May the blessing of the … Continued

I Live In The Land Of Thankfulness by: Frank B Whitney

I like to live in Thankfulness! Would live there all my days; Would let its spirit stir my soul And fill my heart with praise. I questioned once how I had found A place of such a kind; Knew I’d discovered it, because I’d thankful thoughts in mind Oh, come with me to Thankfulness! We … Continued

We Hold Unity Of Valley Stream New York in Prayer

This week we Hold Unity of Valley Stream in Prayer Please Visit their Sunday   Zoom Service at 11 am To join the Zoom Service click on the link below on Sunday around 10:45 AM Click here for Zoom Service Or, use the zoom app or go to zoom.us and click on join a meeting. The Meeting ID … Continued