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The Affirmative Word

The spiritual practice of Denial & Affirmation is a core Unity practice which has been misunderstood many times over the years.

Charles writes:in his  essay   The Affirmative Word:

“CHRISTIAN metaphysicians have discovered that man can greatly accelerate the formation of the Christ Mind in himself by using affirmations that identify him with the Christ. These affirmations often are so far beyond the present attainment of the novice as to seem ridiculous, but when it is understood that the statements are grouped about an ideal to be attained, they seem fair and reasonable.

The affirmation of any good statement of Truth puts us in conscious contact with the Christ Mind and quickens and releases the light and energy stored up in the subconscious mind;

The constant affirming, with faith in the I AM within us, more and more establishes us in command of the real forces of Being”

This is a perfect idea to consider  this week.

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