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The Body & Your Journey through Lent

For any practice, an aspirant needs a strong, healthy body. The body is a great instrument and it should be taken care of properly

Body is a projection of the mind. Any unrest in the body and nervous system is because of the mind. All of the body is in the mind, but the whole mind is not in the body. Anything that is in the body, the mind can know, but everything that is in the mind, body cannot know.

Physical health is considered to be an essential part of spiritual practice. An unhealthy body dissipates the mind, for all energy is directed to the body alone. A person with an unhealthy body does not have the energy to work on other aspects of his being.

Do not ignore your health. Body is an instrument and needs care. You are only a custodian of your body, breath, and mind. You are a pure soul–that is your real nature.

(The Essence of Spiritual Life, page 49)

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