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Vitality & Wellbeing are Yours

HI Friends;
I trust you are doing well. Yesterday’s Daily Word reminded me of Myrtle’s telling of her discovery of spiritual truth and her personal healing.

I’m including it below and invite you to review it and consider how you can use it in your meditation & prayer practice.

I trust you are making good use of your free time on Wednesday evenings as we pause our weekly discussion time.

Suzanne and I are looking forward to resuming our conversations on Wednesday February 17th which is the beginning of the spiritual season of Lent..

Stay Warm, Stay Healthy and know.
Vitality & Wellbeing are Yours!

My body is blessed with the ability to heal itself throughout my life. The infinite intelligence of Spirit guides the processes of my body and brings about well-being and vitality. Through this intelligent process, my body is renewed, and I feel invigorated and restored.
I spend time in prayer daily, blessing every aspect of my being. I take time to release and let go of limiting thinking and habits that would block the flow of good. Attuned to the divine life within, I direct healing energy to every organ, tissue, and cell. I affirm silently or aloud, My natural state is one of wholeness. I now claim vitality and well-being.
Divine life energy harmonizes and energizes every cell of my body, and I am grateful.
In him was life, and the life was the light of all people.—John 1:4

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